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virginia. >> these attacks happened days apart. pat collins with more. hey, pat. >> reporter: two sexual assaults, two days apart near two popular stores here in bailey crossroads. you can imagine what people are saying here about that. >> it's awful. it's terrible. we're scared that this is happening. you hear it more and more. >> reporter: bob's furniture store, january 29th, 6:00 a.m., a woman is walking outside a building. she's on her way to a bus stop. she says she hears foot steps coming up behind her. a man grabs her, forces her to the ground and assaults her. she manages to run away. the suspect described is tall and thin wearing a black mask and a hood and an orange jacket. you can see him in the
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foreground of this surveillance picture. >> well, you have to watch where you're going. always be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: the ross department store across the street. two days later, january 31st, it's about 6:00 p.m. a 28-year-old woman is shopping inside. she's approached by this well dressed man. he's a smooth talker. she's apprched by a man speaking to her in spanish. she knew from the way he was speaking it was not his native language but she said he was very friendly, very personable. >> reporter: now as the woman shopper leaves the store, there's that smooth talker again. he's behind the wheel of a silver mercedes car. he tells her to get in, whaenld she does, he locks the doors. he drives around back and that's where the sexual assault occurs. she manages to get out of the car and then run away.
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>> i just hope there's more police patrolling the area. >> reporter: scary? >> yeah. definitely. for a girl. >> reporter: now, police believe this smooth talker may have done this before, that there may be other victims. if you recognize the guy, police want to hear from you. live from bailey's crossroads, pat collins, "news 4." an update on some breaking news in northeast d.c. investigators are still searching for the owner of a dog that attacked a teenager. it happened the afternoon on hayes street. when the police got there, they shot and killed the dog. neighbors tell the police the dog was a pit bull. they dead see a girl with a visible wound on her leg walk away from the scene, but she did not want to talk. new developments in the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry
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issue add new warning to russia about keeping ukraine whole. and in congress republicans say they will work with president obama to face down vladimir putin. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on all this. steve? >> doreen, thanks. some are charging this crisis might never have happened if president obama in the pat had been tougher on russian president vladimir putin. they say they're eager now to help him get tougher. as the crisis in the crukraine, they're getting ared to convene. >> it's more than a cause for concern. it's a cause for action. >> reporter: and tenses rose in eastern ukraine. in crimea where the russian navy, air force, and army have control, russian advocates strapped in a cafe, a dutch united nations man finally
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three. aboorted his mission and checked vladimir putin's rationale for sending russians here. that they're in danger. in paris russian foreign minister met with secretary of state kerry but he refused to meet with ukrainians. >> we renew our call for russians to speak for the government of ukraine to send troops back to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> the fact is, mr. secretary, it was not predicted by our intelligence and that's already been well known, which is another massive failure. >> this wasn't sudden or new, that we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll support economic sanctions if that's what the president wants. >> to give the administration the necessary tools it needs to tell mr. putin to stand down. >> reporter: but the obama plan is still a work in progress. >> so far beyond notifying
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congress that he wants humanitarian aid for ukraine, the president has merely put the extra warplanes on the russian border to signal american anger over ukraine. i'm steve handelsman, "news 4." president obama is on the road pushing his message on the federal minimum wage. he wants it raised to $10.10 an hour. before his speech the president stopped for lunch and spoke with employees at a sandwich shop. then at central connecticut state university he said no one working full-time should be living in poverty and the boost in pay would be good for business. >> what happens if workers got a little more money in their pocket? they'd spend more money which means businesses would have more customers which means they make more profits. >> some companies aren't buying it. they say they would hire fewer workers and that would raise
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unemployment. d.c. council member marion barry is out of the hospital and is setting the record straight. he opened up about his health and his future. mark? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. council member barry was in good spirits but noticeably weakened as he talked to reporters today saying he looks forward to getting back to work, sparring with reporters and his council colleagues. he's spent nearly half of this year in one medical facility or another because of a blood infection. >> that knocked me for a loop. it really dehabitated my body. i was weak. >> reporter: marion barry was happy to see reporters as they got the first glimpse of the former mayor in well over a month. >> enough. but it wasn't serious enough as some people wanted to make out.
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i was never coming to grave life-threatening about to die. >> reporter: on january 11th barry was admitted to howard university hospital where he spent 16 days. he was released january 27th. then on february 10th he was back in the hospital. this time washington hospital center for eight days. then he was transferred to the med star rehab center on february 18th where he's been for the past 15 days. because of barry's kidney transplant five years ago his doctors say his immune system is weaker. so what kind of patient's is marion barry? >> you're also a complex person both med lick and otherwise. >> reporter: it's not unusual for barry to give a press conference from the hospital. back in 1997 when he was shot by muslims in the billing he gave a from his room. >> i guess god gave me a certain amount of courage, resilience,
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you know, and nine lives. i think i have add moed more li since then. >> nine lives indeed. now, many people may not recall that marion barry was shot. he also has survived prostate cancer, a kidney trance plant, and he suffers from diabetes. marion says he's looking forward to going back to work. will not give a time line when that will happen but says he will finish out the remaining two years on his current term. reporting live from medstar national rehab center. the temperatures are still unseasonably cool for this time of year. let's go to doug who's monitoring yet another storm that could have an impact. >> could you believe it as we head toward the wecht? >> yeah, guys, it's another storm that will impact the region but it's not one that will have snow or frozen precipitation. let's show you where we were. yesterday, a high temperature of only 33 degrees. after that snow, not a lot of
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meanting. today we did see temperatures go up to about 47 degrees. tomorrow, however, they come right back down. we're going to be on the cool side again and here's that storm just down to the south and east. this is going to be a pretty big storm for places like the carolinas and it will move our way. aisle shoal you what it brings for us. this will occur friday and part of your weekend. i'll talk about that in a couple of weekends. >> thank you. we know it's been a long winter with storm after storm. tonight the school districts are changing the calendars once again to account for additional makeup days because of the storm on monday. "news 4"'s" chris gordon joins s with more. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi. there's a boys' basketball game going on and girls' game is set for 7:00 at whitman. because of snow days an lost
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school the boys' playoffs are being compressed every night basically. we use this this as a backdrop to report how snow days are affecting schools, students, and parents. the high school basketball semifinals, walt whitman hosting richard high school. the boys and girls back teams match up. lost snow days, however, will provide a challenge for teams in the playoffs. >> now if we win, it's three straight, wednesday, thursday, friday for the regional championships. it's tough but everybody has to deal with it. >> reporter: snow days are impacting sports and studies for students of all ages. many elementary school students returning after two snow days had to take state tests. the maryland school assessment. maryland county budgeted four snow days into its school calendar but snow has now closed schools nine days. >> right now parents should at least preliminarily plan for school to continue until june 19th instead of june 12th when
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it was supposed to end. >> reporter: we got a mixed reaction from parents about extending the school. >> in terms of our vacation and in terms of a camp schedule, they will -- we can adjust. i mean i know that will are other people who will be far more impacted than my family will be. it will be an inconvenience. for me, that's okay. i'd rather they get the education they're supposed to be getting. if they need a couple of extra days, that's what they should be doing. >> reporter: by and large students don't like having the extra days. >> i didn't think it affected seniors. it's okay considering we lost so much time in school. >> reporter: sampling some other school districts now, they have extended theirs but is applying for a waiver. fairfax publy schools extending their school to

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